Owner of Major Broadway Theaters Sues Insurance Companies over Coronavirus Payouts

Broadway theater owner Jujamcyn Theaters is taking legal action against its insurer, Federal Insurer and Pacific Indemnity Business, for paying simply $250,000 to cover what the company claims to need to be “10s of millions of dollars” in coronavirus-related losses.

The lawsuit, submitted with the Southern District of New York City, alleges that Federal Insurance provider “flatly denied protection, refusing to pay even a penny to assist Jujamcyn” while Pacific Indemnity paid the business $250,000, a portion of what it declares it needs to been paid under its insurance coverage.

“Federal and Pacific knew, and publicly acknowledged, that they could be bound to pay for enormous losses in case of a pandemic. Federal and Pacific also understood that they could utilize common and commonly available exclusions to secure against being obligated to pay for pandemic-associated losses,” Jujamcyn stated in the lawsuit. ” Nevertheless, they decided not to do so here, selling Jujamcyn the all-risks Federal Policy and all-risks Pacific Policy and intentionally omitting from the policies any potentially appropriate exclusion related to a virus-related pandemic.”

On March 12, the curtain fell on Broadway theaters after an executive order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned gatherings of 500 or more people.

Jujamcyn, which hosted more than 48,000 audience members from around the globe in a given week before the shutdown, sent its business earnings loss claim to Federal and alerted the insurance provider of at least seven individuals within its theaters who tested favorable for COVID-19.

The insurer rejected protection, nevertheless, stating that there was no “direct physical loss or damage,” which normally triggers payment under the insurance coverage, which the governmental orders did not forbid access to the theaters, meaning theater workers were not barred from entering and inspecting on the structures.

Jujamcyn argues that the virus falls under physical residential or commercial property loss and damage, according to an executive order signed by New york city City Mayor Costs de Blasio on March 16, citing its ability to stick to surfaces for days and remain in the air inside buildings for hours.

In addition, Jujamcyn argued the infection has ” considerably impaired and rendered incapable the efficiency of the designated function of Jujamcyn’s homes” due to the truth that there is ” no date set or prepared for by which theaters will be allowed to resume in any capability” without the wide schedule of a vaccine.

“Many New york city companies were subsequently authorized to resume or have some prospect of resuming operations in the future,” Jujamcyn said. “The Broadway theater industry, nevertheless, has no such prospects and no factor to believe that theater owners like Jujamcyn will be allowed to open– in any capacity– anytime quickly. As an outcome, Jujamcyn has suffered, and continues to suffer, significant monetary losses.”

The insurance business’ moms and dad, Chubb, told the New York Times that while it has paid out millions of dollars this year for the pandemic-related disruption of Broadway efficiencies, a lot of basic residential or commercial property insurance coverage policies do not cover pandemic danger when it pertains to service interruption.

“Creating incorrect expectations about coverage that does not exist, including filing unwarranted suits, will not solve this crisis,” Chubb informed the outlet.

However, Chubb previously wrote in a 10-K filing that it has “considerable direct exposure to losses arising from natural disasters, manufactured catastrophes such as terrorism or cyberattack, and other disastrous occasions, consisting of pandemics.”

Jujamcyn runs five theaters that are presently home to hits consisting of “Hadestown”, “The Book of Mormon”, “Moulin Rouge: The Musical” and ” Mean Ladies.” The company also owns the theater that housed the production of ” Frozen: The Musical”, which was among the numerous shows that have closed completely due to the pandemic.

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