5 Airbnb Alternatives You Need To Know About

While Airbnb quickly ended up being the travel rental leader for the modern sharing economy, it’s certainly not the only choice. Airbnb is great for easily searching down accommodations virtually anywhere in the world. However, with its enormous development over the previous several years, it can be a little challenging to sift through the frustrating list of residential or commercial properties– specifically, if you have something particular in mind.

Whether you are staunchly anti-Airbnb or simply seeking to weigh your choices, here are 5 Airbnb options that use a comparable ambiance and much better accommodate specific niche demographics.

Glamping Hub

Where you have to hunt for intriguing outdoor lodgings on Airbnb, Glamping Center was developed for simply that. Glamping Hub bridges the gorge between roughing it and spending lavishly, which is exactly the ambiance behind “glamping” in the very first location. This is best for folks who are trying to find a taste of nature without the backcountry wilderness aspect of camping. Through Glamping Center, you and your buddies can rent yurts, tents, small houses, treehouses, tipis, and cabins all over the world.

I utilized Glamping Hub to reserve a treehouse in Granada, Nicaragua. The treehouse itself is really on a private island, so it was an ideal place for me and my friends to enjoy some peaceful time together swimming and kayaking. I liked my time there so much that I’m continuously searching for any excuse to head back to Granada … and Glamping Center.

Offering a comparable ambiance to Glamping Hub, Hipcamp represents a repository of camping sites for rent that lie on privately-owned land. These camping sites range from tent websites to Recreational vehicles to glamping cabins and they can be located on beaches, in orchards, on farms, or in the woods. Some listings also have the alternative to include a bundle of firewood for a small cost.

With Hipcamp you can load your tent and book a website deep in the forest, or make the most of campgrounds situated near to several U.S. national forests. I value that Hipcamp enables landowners to share their land with campers, which produces income for land upkeep. And though there is nothing wrong with public camping areas, Hipcamp grants ease of access to tourists who are wanting to connect with nature in a more intimate way.


Hopping between campsites is something, however, what if you don’t have your own car to get you there? Enter Outdoorsy, a company devoted to getting you going on your cross-country roadway journey. Outdoorsy focuses on that RV life, using Recreational Vehicle rentals as well as 24/7 assistance, consisted of insurance, and even hookup aid in case you’re unsure how to handle the rig yourself.

Through Outdoorsy, you can rent an Airtop lorry, a sprinter, a classic motorhome, or something big enough for the whole household. This is another hassle-free, budget-friendly method to discover the U.S. national parks, but Outdoorsy Recreational Vehicle listings are also available worldwide. And do not fret about leaving your family pet at the house– you can filter for Fluffy-friendly rentals and bring your buddy along.


Let’s swing to the other end of the spectrum and emphasize this extravagant alternative for travelers who are trying to find high-end, without a specific brand identity. OneFineStay is a home-sharing network that deals with tourists looking for one of two kinds of houses: a charming stay in one of the world’s major urban centers, or a picturesque and peaceful holiday villa.

No matter your travel style, OneFineStay offers a professional hospitality service that deals with you. Remain in a timeless townhouse in New York City, a Haussmannian flat in Paris, a personal ski lodge in Aspen, or a warm beachfront rental property in Turks and Caicos. Based on the description, it’s no surprise that OneFineStay is not especially directed towards budget travelers; however, it’s possible to lease a vacation home through this platform and slash the per person price by splitting it with a few of your closest friends!


Of all of the holiday leasings, we have actually gone over up until now, FlipKey is most likely the closest to Airbnb. In essence, it’s the “Bing” to Airbnb’s “Google” in the sense that it’s essentially the very same thing, however not exactly. FlipKey is a TripAdvisor subsidiary that offers its major legitimacy, especially in regards to home reviews. If there is something at which TripAdvisor excels, it’s reviewing. And when we’re talking vacation leasings, evaluations should make or break your choice to lease a home.

FlipKey hosts worldwide homes however it’s deeply rooted in the United States. Its included homes somehow all have a down-home, conventional American holiday sensation– whatever that means. A number of years back, I utilized FlipKey to lease a gorgeous backwoods cabin in North Carolina for an enjoyable ladies trip. This isn’t an option now, however at that time, it was possible to spend for the home with a check (I know) and the homeowner might mail the keys to me (actual insanity). Luckily, things have updated a fair bit ever since. FlipKey is a fantastic choice that’s close sufficient to Airbnb, without in fact being Airbnb.

Bottom Line

No matter your spending plan and travel requirements, there are home-sharing and glamping platforms available to you aside from Airbnb. While Airbnb is a fantastic resource, it’s good to have more options. These Airbnb alternatives are smaller sized than Airbnb but are usually more specialized. That implies if you’re looking for a treehouse, yurt, camping area, or high-end home, you won’t need to spend as much time sorting through your options.

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